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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For nearly four decades now, the country has recognized October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time annually devoted to educating everyone about breast cancer — including metastatic breast cancer (MBC) — and the importance of early detection and access to timely, high-quality care.

BPW North Sarasota observed October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our speaker was Catina Wilcox, BSN, from Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Catina has been employed by SMH for the past 23 year and provided relevant information on awareness and the importance of detecting breast cancer early. 

Get Screened

For those at average risk, have a mammogram every year starting at age 40. If you have any signs of breast cancer, finding it early and treating it early may save your life.  

Know Your Normal

It’s important to know what’s normal for you so you can talk with your health care provider if something doesn’t look or feel right.


Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Living a healthy lifestyle is within your control and may lower your risk of breast cancer. Maintain a healthy weight, limit alcohol intake and exercise regularly. It all matters when it comes to your overall health and risk of disease.

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