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Cynthia Howard was recently appointed to the board of Directors of the Education Foundation of the Florida Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.

 (BPW/FL Education Foundation) was organized in 1965 as a 501(c)(3). Its purpose is to make available to women an opportunity to pursue higher learning. The concept was originally realized by building scholarship houses for women on Florida state university campuses.   Scholarship houses provide “a home away from home” housing for female students who have a demonstrated financial need and outstanding academic records. It is a cooperative living/learning facility, in which residents share good times, leadership experiences, life skills development and family community. Students live rent­-free, paying only for food, housekeeping needs and utilities. Each house also includes a mini suite for a ´resident counselor´ who is responsible to see that the house operates smoothly and efficiently.
The Foundation established scholarship houses for deserving female students at FSU (Tallahassee), UCF (Orlando), and FAU (Boca Raton). Subsequently, a housing scholarship fund was established at St. Petersburg College.  In January 2017, the Z. Ray Ross Business and Professional Women’s Clubs/FL Nursing Housing Scholarship was created with the Florida Nurses Association for young women attending the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville.

Congratulations Cynthia.


Glenda Williams recently appeared on radio station WRBA - 107.5 FM, Sarasota, hosted by Ronnie Phelps and Melanie Lavendar. Glenda shared facts and information about Business and Professional Women (BPW)'s history and exciting news about new events for women.  Go to the statIon's Facebook page and listen to the interview. WRBA is a locally owned and operated radio station on FM radio in the local area.  They host multiple live radio shows that offer education, support, resources, entertainment but most importantly, inspiration.