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"Building Powerful Women through Advocacy,

Education and Information"

Welcome to Business and Professional Women of North Sarasota!


Business & Professional Women (BPW) is the oldest and largest organization of working women in this country.  It is an organization that develops leadership potential. Its goal has always been to achieve specific gains for women under the law: equal pay for equal work; equal representation in political organizations; removal of sex and gender discrimination and child welfare and reforms. BPW has been the voice of the women's movement.



Founded in 1919, BPW promotes all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information. It is the leading advocate for millions of working women on work-life balance and workplace issues.  Local   BPW organizations provide members with professional development programs, networking, participation in grassroots activism, and opportunities for disadvantaged women.


BPW North Sarasota is affiliated with the Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women (  Michele Cavallo is president of the Florida Federation. Our organization was organized in September 1972 by a group of women who wanted to help change the conditions of working women in Sarasota and Manatee counties. That continues to be our goal. Edwina "Wendy" White is president.

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